Year-end Update

There is a lot of information to give you, and I’ll try to keep this as brief, clear and well-organized as possible.

1. At the general membership meeting, I presented members with salary and insurance information. This includes the 3% that will be taken out under newly enacted legislation. If you would like a copy of the numbers, please ask your building rep.

2. Please try to attend all or part of the “enough is enough” rally Monday. Meet at the middle school to ride the bus (4:00) or drive downtown yourself. The rally is from 4:30 – 6:30 — and it’s going to be HOT.

3. If you want to help PEA make a name for itself in our community, the following are volunteer opportunities:

A. June 5, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 Help paint for the Kindleberger Festival. No experience necessary, supplies will be available, and it will be fun. There’s no need to reserve a spot — just come when you can and stay for as long as you can. The painting will be done at the bandshell.

B. July 7-11 Help serve Plainwell Ice Cream at the Kindleberger Festival. Contact Nicole Berish if you want a “shift” during those days.

C. July 10 (Saturday) Ride on a truck in the Kindleberger Festival Parade (line up starts at 9:30). Contact Carol B. or Liz Harkins if interested.

4. If you would like expert advice regarding retirement and the impact from the retirement “incentive” on your decision, Kim Foster from MEA Financial Services will be at the Parchment Community Library on Tuesday, June 1st from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Please contact Nicole Berish if you will be able to attend. Feel free to bring your spouse to assist you in the planning. (Kim will give a general overview of the “incentive” and also be available to answer individual questions.)

5. The year-end recognition luncheon is Thursday, June 17. Since 2009, this has been a mandatory part of our final work day. Show your support for fellow members being honored.

6. Screen and Recommend: The KCEA PAC committee would like your help. In mid to late June, they will screen the Democratic candidate for the 61st house district. He is running unopposed in the August primary, and a local MEA endorsement now will help him later in November. If you are a PAC contributor (or would like to be) and are willing to give a couple of hours, please send your name, home email and home phone information to Carol B.

Also, after the August 3 primary election, there will be screenings of candidates from both parties for the November election. These will be candidates for county, township and/or city boards, as well as state house and senate seats. It has been thought that it will be easier to screen candidates in late August before school resumes than after. Again, if you are willing to serve on a screening & recommending committee (S & R) please get contact info to Carol B.

7. Random Statistics:

42 Parchment employees qualify for the retirement incentive.

35% of PEA members donated to PAC

36% of PEA members attended the general membership meeting May 20th.

25% of PEA members serve as officers or chairpersons for the PEA.

Thanks for what you are doing for your students and colleagues.


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