2010-2011 Calendar

The PEA negotiators bargained with the administration Wednesday morning and have a proposed calendar. There are some changes to the calendar survey you completed. We have tried to remain true to the contract language, the interests expressed in your surveys, and the overall goal (for the past two years) of making the district schedules more aligned while eliminating half days wherever possible and logical. A draft copy of the calendar is attached for your analysis and comments.

Areas of note:

K-5 will continue to have two parent-teacher conferences (fall and spring) with a schedule similar to the one used this year. There is a change to spring — two full student days with p.m. conferences and one 8:00 – 3:30 day of conferences only (no students). This allows us to have the same number of hours of conferences for parents, and align a whole day off right before spring break (April 1). K-5 will have a teacher preparation day at the end of the first marking period (December 3) and again at the end of the second marking period (March 18). The last student day is June 15 (a half day) and the last teacher day is June 16.

Middle school fall conferences will be similar to these year’s fall — a full day of students with p.m. conferences (Nov. 3) followed by a half day students, afternoon & evening conferences (Nov 4). Friday, Nov. 5 is a PD day K-12. The “comp” day for these two evenings will be on Wed. Nov. 24 (the day before Thanksgiving break).

Middle school spring conferences (proposed) are in both March and May. This is due to the trimester schedule. The March conferences would be on Mar. 3-4 (3rd = full student day, evening conferences; 4th = no students, conferences 8:00 – 3:30). The May conferences would align with HS conferences on May 5th — full day with conferences in the evening. The comp time for these two evenings (March 3 and May 5) would be on Friday, April 1st (day before spring break).

The greatest change for high school staff is final exams. Instead of two half days, there is only one. The rationale for this change is to keep students in school to actually study for exams, rather than sending them home to do whatever they want to! The exams would be spread over three days, and a daily schedule would look something like this (a final plan will be developed jointly between HS principals and PEA):

Day one: First Hour exam / exam prep, study time, final unit tests, etc. in 2nd-5th hours.
Day two: Second & Third Hour exams / prep, etc. in 4th-5th.
Day three: Fourth & Fifth exams / afternoon prep time (grades, new tri, etc.)

This plan also provides accommodation for “early” exam takers who would take all early exams on Day One of the above plan. Where and with who in charge of proctoring is yet to be determined. Since many of us have experienced frustration at the end of a trimester getting final projects or unit tests completed before prepping for exams, this extended time might be helpful. The downside is obvious — less time away from students to grade the exams, mark report cards and prepare for the upcoming trimester classes. Maybe using Pinnacle for our grades and report card will simplify this process.

The benefits of this proposal are that the days with only a fraction of our students in session are greatly reduced — only one day has HS students in attendance while other buildings are not. We also have full days off immediately before Thanksgiving and spring break — greatly desired elements in the survey. Professional development days in November and January coincide with evening conferences the night before (Nov. only K-8).

There are also drawbacks that you will discover without my listing them here. You will simply need to look the proposed calendar over and make a personal decision. As has been the case in past years, the total number of student days and our contract days is lower than that spelled out in the contract.

Please forward your comments, questions or concerns to me (or any of the negotiators — Nicole, Carol, Rich or Steve H.) Our next bargaining session is July 7th, and we’ll want to make a tentative agreement at that time.

In addition to calendar, we are also negotiating changes to professional evaluations. State law requires two things that are not currently in our language: every teacher is evaluated every year, and student achievement is a part of the evaulation tool. We are working to add these requirements while protecting the rest of our rights. This topic will form the bulk of our next negotiating session.
August 30, 2010, Monday Orientation for new teachers

August 31, 2010, Tuesday Teachers Report; Professional Development

September 1, 2010, Wednesday Professional Development

September 2, 2010, Thursday Teacher Prep Day

September 3, 2010, Friday 9-12 – ½ day teacher prep day (possible k-8 also if not 2 conferences in March for K-5 or May for 6-8)

September 7, 2010, Tuesday K-12 – Students Report – 1st Day

November 3, 2010, Wednesday K-8 – full day students (Evening conferences)

November 4, 2010, Thursday K-5 – No Students (Conferences 8-8)

6-8 – ½ day students (Conferences afternoon & evening)

9-12 – full day students (evening conferences)

November 5, 1020, Friday K-12 – No Students (Professional Development)

November 24, 2010, Wednesday K-12 – No School

November 25-26, 2010, Thursday, Friday K-12 – Thanksgiving break – No School

December 1, 1010, Wednesday 9-12 – Full day students – 1st block exam

December 2, 2010, Thursday 9-12 – Full day students – 2nd & 3rd block exams

December 3, 2010, Friday 9-12 – ½ day students – 4th & 5th block exams – ½ day prep day

K-8 – no students – teacher work day End of 1st trimester

December 17, 2009, Friday Last day before break

December 20 – Jan. 2, 2011, Monday-Friday K-12 – Winter Break – No School

January 3, 2011, Monday K-12 – School Resumes

January 27, 2011, Thursday 9-12 – Full day (evening conferences), Comp given 4/1

January 28, 2011, Friday K-12 – no students (Professional Development)

March 1 -3, 2011, Tuesday – Thursday 9-12 – ACT – Michigan Merit Testing

March 2, 2011, Wednesday K-5 – Full day students (Evening conferences ) Comp 4/1

March 3, 2011, Thursday K-8 full day, (Evening Conferences) Comp given 4/1

March 4, 2011, Friday K-8 – No students (conferences 8:00 – 3:30)

9-12 – Full day students

March 16, 2011, Wednesday 9-12 – Full day students – 1st block exams

March 17, 2011, Thursday 9-12 – Full day students – 2nd & 3rd block exams

March 18, 2011 – Friday 9-12 – ½ day students –4th & 5th block exams – ½ prep day

K-8 – ½ day students, prep day pm – End of 2nd trimester

April 1, 2011, Friday K-12 – No school (Comp for conferences)

OR K-8 – ½ day teach prep (teacher comp afternoon – if not 2 nights in spring for conferences – could go Sept 3rd also)

April 4 – April 10, 2011 Spring Break

May 5, 2011, Thursday 9-12 – Full day (evening conferences – comp given 4/1)

6-8 – Full day (proposed evening conferences – comp 4/1)

May 30, 2011, Monday K-12 – Memorial Day – No School

June 3, 2011, Friday Last day for seniors

June 8, 2011, Wednesday Graduation

June 13, 2011, Monday 9-11 – Full day students – 1st block exams

June 14, 2011, Tuesday 9-11 – Full day students – 2nd & 3rd block exams

June 15, 2011,Wednesday 9-11 – ½ day students – 4th & 5th block exams – ½ day prep day

K-11 – ½ day – last day students, ½ teacher prep day

End of 3rd trimester

June 16, 2011, Thursday K-11 – No students – Teacher Prep Day


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