News from Your Association

February 19, 2011

At its February 17 meeting, the PEA Board voted for the 2011 Teacher of the Year – Ms. Jennifer Barker from the middle school. Congratulations to this outstanding teacher, colleague and building representative. The PEA is proud to be represented by Jennifer at the county Partners in Education ceremony in April. Details for the dinner and awards presentations will be posted here soon.

There is a link at the top of the home page where you can read nomination letters for Jennifer and other nominees.

**Scroll down this page for information on Region Five voting. This is an important responsibility, so that all members of the MEA have a voice in who represents us at the state level. It will only take a few minutes of your time.

**We are all still reeling with the latest information coming from Governor Snyder and his proposed budget. It’s too early to know how much of his package of cuts to students and tax breaks for business will actually make it through to passage. The MEA is closely examining the proposal and formulating strategies for all of us to defend public schools. As more information is available, it will be posted here.


It’s Time for your Vote!

February 5, 2011

Elections for MEA board of directors begins — online — March 1. Click the link to log in to the online voting area. (If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste this web address into your browser:

While you may not immediately see the value of your vote, or even know who is the best candidate to vote for, remember that these colleagues will be responsible for determining the future of the MEA. They will have to oversee and decide issues such as MEA budget problems, downsizing MEA offices and services, determining dues amounts, and forwarding the MEA agenda for education reform.

The MEA is attempting to be proactive (yes, I dislike that term too) in shaping the debates about public schools. With Lansing under the control of a political party that has already introduced legislation to radically change your salary, insurance benefits, tenure protection and annual evaluation process, now is perhaps the most critical period in decades for all members of MEA, regardless of political party affiliation, to take a close look at what they know works best in schools and for students.

Click here to read about MEA’s A+ Agenda. They have given copies of this five-part program to all state senators, representatives, and other decision makers. They have some interesting proposals this time — not just “business as usual”.

On a more local note, there will be two seats open on the Parchment Board of Education. The new (or re-elected) board members will be in charge of directing administration while we negotiate the contract. This spring/summer, your bargaining team will be negotiating the ENTIRE contract, not just salary and benefits. We will be asking for your input on contract language changes you believe would be of benefit to you and your PEA colleagues. Elections for your PEA Executive Board will be held in May, and nominees are being sought. We also want you to consider nominating a colleague for the annual Partners in Education dinner’s Teacher of the Year. This should be a PEA member will outstanding service to school, students and (of course) your professional association.