Write or Call Your State Senator

Every day brings new trouble from Lansing. The most recent trouble is a bill described below. It passed the House and is out of committee. Your voice is critical. Please read the letter below from Iris Salters, MEA President.

If you are unsure of who to contact, go to the MEA website to locate your district and senator.

The Senate is taking up the MASB initiated bill passed in the House last week, HB 4152.  The Senate has not renumbered the bill.  House Bill 4152 is pending in the Senate – this bill would freeze step increases and district health care costs when a contract expires, forcing you to give up salary and pay any insurance increases out of your pocket. And it bans any retroactive contract settlements that would address that financial loss later on, once you’ve settled your contract.
We need you to make contact with your senators today and let them know you want them to oppose this bill.  It is just a bad bill all around.  This is another attempt to limit your ability to bargain.
Iris K. Salters 


One Response to Write or Call Your State Senator

  1. Shani Walton says:


    You can also use this website to find your senator.

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