Our health care plan changed July 1st. For all of you on Choices 2, the monthly cost is $288.09. If you are having that taken out twice a month, it is $144.05 per check. Make sure they are taking the correct amount. The plan also has a $200/400 annual deductible, so if you met the previous 100/200, you’ll have to meet another 100/200 between July and December, and the 200/400 beginning in January. The co-pay is now $20 per office visit, and the prescription plan is called Saver Rx — the Messa website has a bit more information on the differences with that plan.

The 3% pension contribution that has been taken by the state since the beginning of last school year is still being taken. Other state employees have had theirs ruled as unconstitutional, but ours is still being taken while the issue works its way through the courts.

Your sick days and personal business days were added onto the last check of August, so the amount on the September 2 check should match that one, and this reflects your total leave days accrued.

Please remember to always check your pay stubs each pay period, because errors do happen.If you see something that looks wrong, contact Julie Chappie to inquire.

It was brought to our attention that elementary teachers lost two hours of work-day time due to the breakfast and evaluation meeting on Tuesday. We also heard that North’s principal gave two hours back on Thursday. If you feel you were shorted on work time, please let Tim S. or Carol B. know and we will contact administration for a remedy.

You will see the District publishing a “tentative” calendar that we have not approved or voted on. When we finally reach an agreement over the rest of the contract, you will have the chance to vote on the calendar too. The published one is probably close to what a final one will look like, but is not “official” until you vote.

Remember to mark your calendars for the next couple of opportunities to show your support for the kids of Parchment.

Sept 18 1-4 p.m. @ PHS, fundraiser for Kristin D. (PHS student) wheelchair lift.

Oct 14 5 p.m. @ PHS, Homecoming Parade (volunteers with pick-up trucks wanted!)

Wear your red shirt and show Parchment that its teachers deserve a settled contract because they are involved in the lives of the students.


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