Tentative Agreement

Your bargaining team reached an agreement with the administration at the negotiating session on Monday, Novenber 14. The agreement is substantially the same as the PEA’s last proposal, made during mediation on September 28. The complete details of this tentative agreement, on which all members will vote, will be shared with the membership at the PEA board meeting on Thursday, November 17 at Central Elementary (3:50 p.m.).

If you are unable to attend, your building representative will have complete details for you Friday. We will hold balloting in your buildings on Friday, Nov. 18 through Tuesday, November 22. We will inform you of the vote results as soon as possible, via this website and your home e-mails.

The agreement is certainly not as good as your bargainers would have wanted, but is an improvement over the administration’s previous positions. As we hear of other associations forced to take major concessions, we feel this settlement moves us in the right direction rather than backwards.

How you feel about the agreement will be for you to decide after the complete details are announced. Please make every effort to attend Thursday’s meeting, so your questions can be answered by members of the bargaining team.


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