• PEA Board meeting March 22 @ middle school. Insurance products to be presented at 5:00. Meeting starts at 3:50.
  • Gov. Snyder has signed into law a bill prohibiting school districts from collecting dues payments via payroll deductions. This new law will not affect current dues withholding, but will change how things are done next year.
  • MEA is partnering with dozens of other unions to put a collective bargaining RIGHT on the November ballot. If approved by voters in November, the Michigan constitution would be amended to protect bargaining rights in this state. We will have information soon about where you can sign the petition and how you can help circulate petitions.
  • While it seems that we just finished negotiating the contract, we have to start looking at next summer’s negotiations soon. We have heard many concerns about parent-teacher conferences, mid-winter break, other calendar issues, and evaluations. We can’t put evaluation language back in the contract (thanks, Lansing) but we can ask (and have been asking) for the administration to clarify the process for us. The bargaining team will form a committee and circulate a questionnaire to get your desires and concerns for summer bargaining.
  • The contract does still say that layoffs will be discussed with the PEA. We hope the administration, if it decides cuts are necessary, will honor that language and inform PEA leadership of areas that need to be cut and which members will be affected. In the past, layoff decisions had to be made by May 1st, but under new law, there is no deadline.
  • There is also no contractual deadline for final evaluations. Expect to receive yours on or even after the last day of school!
  • If you are interested in doing more for your local association and colleagues, there are many opportunities. In May, we will have elections for our local officers. The political action committee can always use physical, financial and moral support. The upcoming petition drive will need volunteers. The PEA typically participates in the Kindleberger Festival events. Let your building rep. know if you are interested in learning of more ways you can help.

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