Doo-Dah Parade 2012

It was a beautiful, sunny, windy Saturday morning — the first sun we had seen in three days. Hundreds of oddly dressed individuals assembled in downtown Kalamazoo to celebrate silliness. The teachers among the crowd were there for another, slightly more serious reason — to show the people of Kalamazoo that educators care about kids.

Dressed in “red for ed” — six members of our PEA (along with spouses, dogs and a daughter) walked the parade route carrying “scrabble” letters to spell out “Public Schools Work”. While it was a tough sell to get people up early on a Saturday and give up half of this beautiful day, everyone who was there had a great time. Hearing the positive, encouraging words from the spectators along the route was an unexpected bonus. Teachers do care about kids, and there are people in our community who respect us for that.

The pictures below are a sampling of the event. Thanks to Nate and Keli Ekola (and Tucker), Liz and Christ Honeysett (and Artie), Amy Sue Manley, Rick and Evie Bagley, Amy Sue Manley, Carol Bouabdelloui, and Tim Searl for representing Parchment with pride (and red shirts).

Click thumbnails for full size.


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