A tentative agreement has been reached for the upcoming school year. In order for salary and step changes to be programmed for the Friday, August 31 payroll, we must vote (and ratify, of course) on Tuesday immediately following the “welcome back” breakfast. Please read over the settlement information, for there is a major change to the salary structure and steps, as well as changes to contract language regarding class size and tuition reimbursement.

Tentative Agreement Details

Messa ABCs 2012-2013



  1. Nicole Berish says:

    Thanks Tim for getting on the website.

    Reminder to all: the insurance section will be udated a little bit more as the MESSA ABC plans are incorporated into the contract. Julie is currently working on this still and we hope to have to you on Tuesday.

    Open enrollment will happen again for MESSA ABC plans in November. Choices II will still be an option for members.

    The insurance info now isn’t really going to impact you, however, we wanted you to see numbers so that you can start to plan ahead and hopefully this will help you in deciding to flex or not flex money

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Shani Walton says:

    Thank you negotiating team for all your dedication to our unit! One question, if we are not considered in a “Pak” anymore regarding insurance, why is that language still in our contract? Does it help us to keep it in?

    • parchmentea says:

      We are still considered a PAK for the purposes of Messa pricing, but with changes in state law, the district can only pay a maximum of 80% of medical premiums and 80% into a health savings account. The health insurance “market” is a bit more complicated, with separate amounts based on status (single, married, family) and Choices, ABC, or just vision/dental (without any medical coverage). We will have better information about the ABC plan after the year begins. Those considering a move (effective Jan. 1st because of the high annual deductible) will have time to study the costs and benefits. In a nutshell, a health savings account / high deductible plan is a good idea if you are really healthy and won’t visit the doctor very often. If you (and your other family members) are likely to need treatment, the HSA plan may not be best.

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