March PEA Update

March 16, 2013

ouelette10Congratulations to Lisa Ouelette, who has been named as Parchment’s Teacher of the Year. Lisa will be recognized at an upcoming school board meeting, and at the KCEA Partners in Education dinner in April. Click HERE to read Lisa’s nomination letter.

The negotiations team will meet Monday, March 18 to discuss our next steps in the bargaining process. We still have two weeks to extend the contract before “right to work” legislation becomes law. The team will inform you of our plans after Monday’s meeting.

The PEA executive board will meet Thursday, March 21. Board members should receive agendas in the next couple of days. There is important business (upcoming local elections, 13-14 budget, negotiations, etc.) to conduct. We will also have reports from recent KCEA and MEA Region V meetings.

March is National Literacy Month, and from the looks of our K-5 halls and classrooms, Dr. Seuss continues to be a big hit with the students (and their teachers). Share with PEA what you have done to “celebrate” literacy this month.

At the February MEA Bargaining and Public Relations Conference, there was much talk of local associations improving relationships with their board of education and community. In the past, we have asked you to participate in parades, Kindleberger Festival activities, etc. We are hoping to find new ways to engage you with the families you serve. Look here for updates on this exciting new phase of association activity.

If you (or someone you know) has been awarded a grant, a scholarship, an honor or recognition — let us know. We would like to use this site to celebrate the great things we are accomplishing.