Executive Board Elections

It’s almost time for our annual spring general membership meeting. We will once again recognize our PEA Teacher of the Year, as well as honor our board members who have served us during this very trying school year.

The most important business item is the elections. Protecting member’s rights and standing up for members who need help is a big job, but the work is made easier when many members are willing to help.

The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer all receive a stipend to pay back, in a small way, the hours of work donated on our behalf. These positions also have their local, state and national dues paid by the PEA. Other executive board positions also pay a stipend.

The following positions are on the ballot for 2013:

President – a one-year term

Vice-President – one-year term

Treasurer – a two-year term

KCEA Representative – two-year term

MABO Representative – two-year term

No experience is necessary for any of these positions. However, the MEA provides a summer leadership training that is an excellent way to learn the skills needed for effectively leading a group of your peers.

If you are interested in being placed on the ballot, or know of someone you feel is a good candidate for a position, please send your name (or the name of another member) to Liz. H. as soon as possible.



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