February President’s Report

February 19, 2009

March Region Five Elections

Elections for MEA board seats are being held online from March 4 through March 11. You should have received a pink postcard from MEA giving the web address and log-in information needed to vote. It is in our best interest to cast our votes for these important positions, since the MEA board of directors makes decisions that affect all members — everything from dues increase recommendations to support for local bargaining efforts. Please go to www.mymea.org/onlinevoting and follow the simple directions. Biographical information on the candidates is available once you log in. (Log-in details are right on the page.)

February 2009 President’s Report

1. Nicole and I met with all three superintendents on Monday, 2/16. This is a summary of the conversation.
A. The enrollment will be down slightly next year. Feb. 2009 count was down 40 from September. There will be some layoffs, but they don’t know how many yet.
B. If we have more snow days, they will be made up in June.

2. At Monday’s school board meeting, a couple of interesting things happened.
A. The board voted to expel the student involved in last week’s bomb threat.
B. A board member running for reelection wants to go through the screening and recommendation process again, even though there are only two candidates for two open seats.

3. Messa’s Annual Report contains some interesting statistics
A. The top five hospital admissions for our regions were birth, newborn care, musculoskeletal issues, circulatory, and digestive.
B. The top five hospitals in our region are Bronson, Borgess, St. Joe, Butterworth and Battle Creek Health System
C. The top five out-patient treatments were for musculoskeletal, health status, ear-nose-throat issues, skin/breast, and metabolic.
D. The top five prescriptions (with no generic available) statewide were Nexium, Lipitor, Prevacid, Singulair and Enbrel.

These statistics will not affect pricing for next year. The newly enacted legislation changes the way groups like ours are rated. There is more information about rating policies in the KCEA report.